As you can see, we do what we promise to do...
for considerably less money than the alternatives.

Beverley B. - Homeowner, Houston, TX

I am very happy with the job Buddy did on my walls and ceilings. He was professional and courteous and I would recommend the service to anyone. The product used left no odor - a big plus - yet it removed nicotine and smoke damage very effectively. Thank you Buddy and I wish you every success in the future.

Sincerely, Beverly

Iris M. - Homeowner, Houston, TX

I was very pleased. Mr. Hinkle was very detailed and professional. After 4 years of smoking in the house, the walls are now clean and look great. The process he used is amazing. I would recommend his service to anyone.

Lee C. - Homeowner, Missouri City, TX

My project was finished in a clean timely manner. I am please with the job they done.

Lois B. - Homeowner, Houston, TX

Awesome job, they did more than I expected. And afterwards they all thanked me for allowing them to serve me then a few days later sent a thank you card with every ones signature. Awesome group of people.

Susan S. - Homeowner, Houston, TX

Lovely family oriented business. Friendly, responsive, and amazing results. If you happen to need a new home cleansed of an indoor cigar smoker, these folks will exceed your expectations in cleaning.

Kathy Jensen - Property Manager - Vintage Real Estate

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for NuClean Ceiling.  I have used this service on several occasions for the homes and apartments I manage. Bud has saved me several hundreds of dollars with his excellent service and product. 

I manage 90 homes and 5 apartment complexes.  The cost of the service is one half of the cost of painting these properties. The workmanship is very professional.  The property is always left clean and ready for occupancy. 

I have had Bud clean the ceilings and walls on apartments and homes with tobacco odors and pet odors with perfect results. I believe that you will be very pleased with the service you will receive from NuClean Ceiling.

Sincerly, Kathy

Ken Williams - C.E.O. - Market Innovations 

I have several real estate properties in the area and from time to time I need to paint these properties.  The largest cost is the ceilings as they are acoustic (popcorn).  A close friend of mine recommended NuClean Ceiling to do the job.  I called them and when they came our the next day they gave me an estimate of $350.00 dollars to do a 1500 square foot home. This was very cost effective as I had two estimates of $1300.00 and $1175.00 from painters that I had used in the past. 

I was a little skeptical about the process but the owner took the time to show me his past work and explained in great detail how this product works.  The end result was he brought the ceiling back to it's original color and saved me a ton of money. I would highly recommend this company and their employees to anyone that has the similar type of problem. 

Thanks, Ken

Don N. Ford - Homeowner, Houston TX

NuClean Ceiling was able to clean up and restore a complete ceiling area within a matter of hours - would have taken countless hours and several boxes of new tiles to achieve the same result at triple the cost.  A true cost and time saving service.


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