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Home Owners and Property Managers... there are a number of compelling reasons to use NuClean Ceiling instead of painting your home or rental unit:

We remove the dirt instead of covering it up.

In many cases, crayon marks, grease and other stains will "bleed" through the paint since it has merely been covered up. That can't happen when you use NuClean Ceiling.

Our process is cheaper than painting.

We can clean anything from a few crayon and scuff marks, to an entire house or apartment.

Our process is faster than painting

This means less disruption for homeowners and less "down time" between tenants for Property Managers, which means more revenue from your rental units.

If you're a Property Manager in a time crunch, we can even clean the walls and ceilings while the carpets are being cleaned, which speeds up the turn-around time between tenants even further. That simply isn't possible when you paint your units.

We clean "popcorn" ceilings.

Painting a popcorn ceiling is a major undertaking that involves air compressors and spray guns... it reduces the sound-deadening properties of the ceiling... and it increases the fire risk to the building.

No paint build up.

You don't end up with multiple layers of paint that impede the opening and closing of windows and doors... and eventually start to flake and peel.

Give us a chance to prove our claims. Call us today for a FREE demonstration of the superiority of our cleaning system.