Is your process expensive?

Our exclusive process is significantly less expensive than painting or other cleaning methods, and a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Is your process safe?

Our process only hurts dirt. It was developed with safety in mind and is OSHA approved for use in food preparation areas. Our cleaning solution is enzyme based, nontoxic and biodegradable. It contains no bleach or strong oxidizers, so it's not harmful to you or your property. Results you'll love with no damage to carpeting, drapery, furniture, etc.

How does cleaning compare with painting?

Cleaning is faster, less expensive, and less disruptive to your business than painting. Painting merely masks the problem, while cleaning eliminates the problem. Over time, the grease, mildew and odor beneath the new layer of paint will seep through. If you have acoustic ceiling tiles, remember that they should NEVER be painted, since painting damages their sound-absorbing abilities and negatively impacts their fire rating.

How long does it take?

Our superior cleaning process allows us to finish a job in less time than it takes to begin painting or replacement. Cleaning is up to 20 times faster than painting and at least 100 times faster than replacement.

How much disruption will there be to my business?

We will quickly and effectively clean your ceilings and walls with little or no business interruption. We work around your schedule. We clean effectively and efficiently - leaving no mess.

Do you guarantee your work?

Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. We will inspect and qualify the end results before the cleaning starts. We offer guaranteed cost savings over painting or replacement.

Question: What types of surfaces can you clean?

Our process is capable of cleaning... acoustical tiles... rough textured surfaces... painted murals...enamel painted surfaces... glitter ceilings... vinyl wallpaper... stone... aluminum... steel... "popcorn" ceilings... spray textured surfaces... stucco... brick... flat latex painted surfaces... marlite surfaces... wallpaper... plastic. If you have a surface that isn't listed here, call us and we'll let you know if we can clean it.