Bar ceiling - before and after

Customer perception of your business can be ruined by the sight of dirty walls and ceilings and the odors caused by cigarette smoke, cooking, and bacteria growing in the contamination.

No Toxic Chemicals ~ OSHA Approved

Our enzymatic cleaning system is the only one in use in Houston, Texas that doesn't use any toxic chemicals, so it is perfect for use in food preparation and service areas.

Since our cleaning system is OSHA approved, NuClean Ceilings is the perfect solution for dirty walls and ceilings in restaurants, bars, delicatessens, grocery stores, and other commercial locations where food and drink are served.

Cleaning is better than painting

If you paint your acoustic ceiling tiles, the paint fills the holes in the tiles. Since the holes are critical to the sound deadening properties of ceiling tiles, filling them with paint will noticably increase the noise levels in your business.

Even worse, the paint reduces the fire retarding properties of the acoustic tiles which probably violates the terms of your insurance policy. This is something you should check into before painting any acoustic ceiling tiles in a commercial building.