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Crew cleaning ceiling NuClean Ceiling uses a enzymatic cleaning system that offers huge benefits in health, cost savings, and fire safety. Our process is far more efficient and much less expensive than the more conventional methods of cleaning, painting or replacement!

NuClean Ceiling has been cleaning the ceilings and walls of major supermarkets, restaurants, casino's, and private homes for years. Our enzymatic cleaning sytem is being successfully employed by cleaning companies across the USA.

Property management companies also use us to clean and sanitize their rental vacancies, since we can save them a significant amount of money on each unit.

Kodie Hinkle, the owner of NuClean Ceiling, has many years of experience in the building maintenance field. Thanks to Kodie, NuClean Ceiling enjoys an excellent reputation. Check out our Testimonials page to see what other customers have to say about us.

The problem:

Ceilings and walls are exposed to dust and dirt, cigarette smoke, cooking oils and grease, as well as other pollutants and germs. Heating and air conditioning systems move airborne dust and dirt around. These unhealthy contaminants create an appearance and maintenance nightmare.

Before and after 1The expensive solution:  REPLACEMENT

New ceiling panels and wall coverings are frequently utilized to treat problem areas. However, this is the most expensive option, and not always best because the lights, return air vents, air diffusers, speakers, and acoustic tile grid work have not been replaced... or even cleaned. The clean, new ceiling tiles and wall coverings make the dirty air vents and light panels even more noticeable than they were to begin with.

The wrong solution:  PAINTING

Supermarket - before and afterPainting is normally chosen as an alternative to replacement, because it costs less. Since cleaning is even less expensive than painting, doesn't our process make more sense? Not convinced... then read on.

What happens after painting usually makes management wish they had a better option. Painting is a lot like sweeping your dust and dirt under your rugs! The grease, nicotine, and dirt that you covered with paint, were just that - covered. They are still there under the paint. Over time, dirt, grease, and odors bleed into and through the paint.

Painting fills the small, sound-absorbing pits in acoustic ceiling tiles, which destroys their sound absorbing ability. Instead of having sound absorption, the result is sound reflection. Instead of the coziness of friendly chatter, the annoyance of a constant din takes over. Not only have the tiles been permanently damaged but they end up looking worse!

Paint is a flammable material . The local fire inspector... and your insurance agent... won't like the fact that instead of having a fire "break" for a ceiling, you now have a fire "path."

The best solution:  CLEANING

before and afterCleaning removes contaminants quickly and efficiently. It is the least expensive, most efficient method of restoring your ceilings and walls to their original condition.

Progressive business people in the Houston, TX area have been calling on the ceiling and wall cleaning experts, NuClean Ceiling, to provide an alternative to painting or replacement that is less expensive, more convenient, and totally safe. The resulting cost savings, improved customer perception, and healthier surroundings have made believers out of our customers!